2012 Buick Verano

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The name of the upcoming small Buick sedan is now official.

It is pretty much a US built version of the car sold in China as the Buick Excelle GT.
Which itself is a sedan version of the Opel Astra.

These are pictures of the Chinese version.

Not sure what it will compete with in the US.
It will probably cost more than a loaded Mazda3. But it is smaller and cheaper than the new Regal, so it’s not going after cars like the Acura TSX.

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  1. Good looking car. I like that color brown. The interior is nice too. Don't go crazy with the pricing and I think it'll do fine.

  2. Volvo S40, , Audi A3, Mercedes B200 and Acura CSX (you don't have it in USA, but we have in Canada)… Maybe Lexus Hs250H! And I guess this is not the least small luxury car that will come in our markets.

  3. Never liked 6-window or in this case 8-window designs…looks bargain basement. Especially out-of-place on a Lexus wannabe.

  4. I've got nothing bad to say about the car itself but I really have to ask why?

    Isn't Buick supposed to be a bit more up market than this? IMO the Regal (which is AWESOME) should be the entry level car for this brand. IMO this dilutes the brand.

    BTW, I keep reading other blogs saying that this is a reskinned Cruze. And here it is a reskinned Astra. Are the Astra and Cruze on the same platform?

  5. Car seems nice enough, name stinks.
    Buick should use in this order one of these heritage names.

    1. Apollo
    2. Somerset
    3. Opel

  6. I find the windshield to be very odd. It looks like a flat sheet of glass like you'd find on a hatchback.

  7. I don't think this looks that great. It doesn't look very polished or upmarket. I also don't think they should have tried to make it look like a Lacrosse. It should be more sporty looking.

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