2012 Euro Civic

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This illustration doesn’t really seem to match the spy photos exactly, but it is close.
And again, it looks like the Euro version of the Civic will be about a million times better looking than the ultra conservative sedan we’ll be getting over here next year.

Maybe Honda will realize, like Ford, that hatchbacks are getting more and more popular here in the US.
So a sporty hatch version of the next Civic would be welcome here…

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  1. Ohhhhh NOOOOooooo. I fucking knew it. They're going to ruin the Civic. This might be better looking than your sedan, but it is boring compared to the current Euro Civic. Its radical spaceship styling was obviously going to be a tough act to follow, but at least they could have waited a little more until they had something reasonably up to scratch. Peugeot, for example, kept the 205 in their line-up for 15 years because its design was so ahead of its time that for a long time they simply could not come up with anything better to replace it. Honda could have done the same.

  2. I think Honda doesn't want to steer any sales away from the CRV. Maybe that's their concern, that if they offered a hatch or (my preference) a true station wagon, people would opt for that rather than a bigger, more expensive CRV.

    At any rate, even for a sedan, I do not like this design – overly exaggerated front end (too stylized) and a high beltline means worse visibility.

  3. I didn't realize there was a different Civic in Europe. I googled the current model. Looks really sharp. Why does Europe get modern-looking cars and we're stuck with Grandma's rejects in the US? It can't just be safety requirements.

  4. This is very stylish…Did Honda get rid of their design department children? Maybe the next Fit can be designed by adults.

  5. LOL… I thought the Civic was ruined already. I think this looks better than our current USA version. At first I was'nt sure what to make of the front end with it's Crosstour looking front end. But it's growing on me quickly. I like the c pillar area… It's different. This comment is all for nothing though since we here in the USA will probably get the boring looking version of this car.

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