2012 Honda Civic sedan

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It does look a lot like the current one with a new front and rear.
But it’s not.
It’s actually a new design, but one of these “new designs” that look like the old one.

If you see pictures of the interior on the site, you can tell it is new.
But in a bad way.
They have pretty much ruined it by designing a blocky version of the current one.

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  1. I kinda like it…took me a few views of the film to decide that, however…better than most current Honda/Acura designs…

  2. That rear end came right off the Saturn Ion… btw, the new Focus, Cruze, Jetta, and upcoming Elantra are way nicer looking. Not good. Especially for a company that continues to move further towards irrelevancy.

    Also, where is the site where you can view the interior?

  3. I feel like this design has been seen before, like a generic copy of the previous Civic from the front, as well as the Ion and tC from the rear view. To the average consumer, they will not be able to tell this is drastically different from the outgoing model

  4. Yes, I was trying to remember where I'd seen that back end before and it's on the Saturn ION.

    The Honda Civic has been an excellent car for years and will continue to be a great car for the money. Too bad the all-new style isn't especially inspiring.

  5. Front looks exactly the same minus a few unnoticeable tweaks to the grill and headlights. The rear…Ion+current Civic coupe+last gen Camry.

  6. It doesn't look bad, but it's lost its edge. It's time for the Korean cars to take the lead. Honda has has a good ride….but it looks like it's over.

  7. No apologies or praise is necessary for this "new" Civic. Honda's arrogance in their designs are beginning to wear thin.

    new 2011 Elantra and Focus will flog this!

  8. Honda has lost its way for styling. When was the last Honda that was truly good-looking? I'm thinking the 1996-1997 Accord Coupe.

  9. Every new Honda actually seems to be WORSE than the current one. I'm sure the Sheep will still flock to it. With quality equal now, I can't see why. The Cruze seems better than this!

  10. looks like the designers barely tried this time.

    the rare reminds me of a 2002-2005 camry.

    the front looks just like the insight.

    i am disappointed….

  11. yyyyyYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! So they put some new taillights on it… wow… The new Elantra is gonna kick this cars @$$.

  12. Arn't they going to glue big red reflectors on the trunk lid like they do on the "new" Accord?

    That would make it look less like a 5-yr old Saturn and more like a 40-yr-old mid-level Mercury: Like the Accord!

  13. Very similar to my 2006 civic. No incentive to retain current owners. I will not purchase the new one, there will be no reason too. I will have a 5 year old car that looks better than the new one. Honda's arrogance is way past old.

  14. It doesn't look bad… um…. on second take I guess I gotta admit that it does look bad.

    No biggy, I can afford a Chrysler anyway!

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