2012 Honda Fit “extended”?

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Looks like Honda is at least considering a larger version of the Fit.

If this is true, it looks pretty bad. I guess Toyota is doing it to the Prius with the Alpha version, so why not, right?

The Fit is a really roomy small car, I’m not sure what would be the point of this….

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  1. Neither Honda or Toyota can design any cars that make me want to buy them. None of them seem to have any passion behind them.

  2. Profile reminds me of the one-of-a-kind 1984 Civic wagon. Loved those rear windows that curved into the roof. An extended Fit with 4WD would be very cool.

  3. The Toyota "looks pretty good", and this "looks pretty bad"? They're practically the same car. *scratches head*

  4. Vince, In Japan they already have the FREED minivan that is based on the Fit. It's kind of like the Grand C-Max in a lot of ways but maybe a tad smaller.

  5. This is a Photochop if there were ever a photochop. As was mentioned earlier, the Asian market already has a MVP based on the Fit platform, the FREED.

  6. So Vince, did Honda extend the "Fit" to fit more people in the "Fit" with a 3rd row so 7 people can fit? Where will their baggage fit in this extended "Fit"?
    Honda should incorporate sliding rear doors like the Mazda 5and market it as a true "mini" van as an alternative to the so called "MiniVan" Odyssey.

  7. no chance…honda grasping at straws like toyota is. I predict a huge increase in Korean brands sales , but Nissan and Mazda and VW will be there too. May Day -Toyota and honda overboard!

  8. Since the AirWave already exists in the home market, perhaps Honda plans to use this extended Fit to differentiate the Hybrid version in the US.. the Insight isn't exactly setting sales records, so a longer Fit would pretty much supplant it in the US lineup.

  9. Can't figure out what the point is? You spend a considerable amount of time writing about pointless cars but can't see the point of a more useful wagon version of a compact hatchback? Perhaps you should write about fashion instead?

  10. Hybrid Fit Station Wagon to take on the Prius..the Fit is a roomy car, and the extension of wheelbase will make it roomier and perhaps more comfortable than the Prius

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