2012 Infiniti G37

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Infiniti will face some tough competition from the all new BMW 3 series next year.

Right now, the G37 is a fine car. I test drove a few version, and liked them all, except the convertible.
But the interior doesn’t feel as upscale as other cars in the pricerange.

The next model should be more aggressive. At least from this illustration.

A more powerful version of the new 2.5 Liter V6 as well as a hybrid could become the most popular choices.

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  1. """The next model should be more aggressive. At least from this illustration."""

    this looks like a giant f****ing locust in the rear view mirror…

  2. I'll say it's aggressive. It looks great! I wonder if they'll put direct injection on their future engines. Even if it's not better or as good as the 3 series, I'd still rather have this car. It's a much better value… I think.

  3. This looks very aggressive and awesome. If they put in an interior like the M or the, it'll sell better. Plus, they should make the car bigger like the Audi A4.

  4. i dunno how you could say that the interior doesn't feel as upscale as other cars in its segment, vince. our old 08 g35xS was way more comfortable, plush and technologically advance than our current 2011 fully spec'd 335i xdrive… if you're comparing it to an audi a4, then yes. but even the a4 has its splashes of plastic on the lower door panels and center console(disappointing considering how amazingly the interiors photograph and present themselves in pictures)

  5. always high quality, always reiable, always good looking! …..NOW, Sexy!, How can Infiniti/Nissan lose? They can't because they always do it right.

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