2012 Kia Rio

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At least from these pictures, it looks quite conservative.
But I guess most small, cheap sedans do. The hatch version could be more interesting.

And the interior does look rather cheap, but remember, we are talking about a car that currently starts at under $12 000.

But there is still quite a bit of camouflage, so the final thing could have interesting details we can’t see yet.

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  1. I wish small cars compacts like this weren't so bubbly. I think it look a lot better if the belt line of the car was lowered slighty and the hind wheels were pushed out to the edge. I guess safety standards are getting in the way of newer designs 🙁

  2. The front clip needs to go on a diet, the greenhouse is an odd shape and dont care for it at all, the ass is fantastic , great trunk lines , nice lamps and like the lower black lip . the interior is years ahead of my 07 rio !

  3. I like it. Yes, it is a bit conservative, but I guess that the Rio always appealed to the conservative crowd.

  4. The greenhouse shape is clearly compromised, thanks to the doors and door glass being lifted directly from the upcoming Accent.. but the other Optima-derived styling cues actually look better than the Sonata ones on the Accent.

  5. Clearly it will be interesting to be able to clearly see out the back window because there might be something clearly interesting back there. The green bottle in the last picture is not clear but it is interesting.

  6. Yeah, I like the Rio design better than the Accent. Really nice design, I can't wait to see the interior in its debut form. I like the back end and the side and front. I'm not a big fan of the tires though. So the Optima's little bro.

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