2012 Nissan Versa sedan

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Caught in China where it will be called Sunny.
Again, using 1.6 Liter or 1.8 Liter engines.

And looking about 1000 times better than the current model. Even with all the camouflage on it.

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  1. Promising What? Can you be more specific? Its like people who use the words clearly, interesting, and awesome…Pointless.

  2. –Reply to anonymous post Oct. 21, 2:52AM…For clarification, "promising" meaning likely to turn out well, or encouraging, based on the drawing that they revealed.

  3. "Sunny" and "Sunny Neo" is a commonly badged name for the former USDM Nissan Sentra. It was not technically replaced by the Versa, but the Sentra was discontinued (probably due to poor sales) for a more Yaris level competitor. In the rest of the world, the Versa (called the Tiida) is sold along side the Sunny. Having both of the here in the Asian market, I can tell you a Nissan Sunny is Corolla/Civic sized. The Versa sedan is tiny in comparison.

  4. I agree.. the Sunny has traditionally been a Sentra in the US market.. perhaps this is the next Sentra instead?

  5. Based on the drawing from Nissan


    the new Versa looks very promising. Waiting to see what Nissan will do with its updated CVT and 1.6 turbocharged 4-cyl. This new Sunny looks very similar from the side.

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