2012 Toyota Prius Alpha

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Just an illustration, but it looks pretty good.
Really close to the official teaser from a few days ago.

I still think the powertrain would really struggle with 7 people on board. Even if you just don’t expect it to be fast “because it’s a hybrid”.
It still needs to get on freeway onramps at a decent speed.

We’ll see….

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  1. Toyota could hire a real man with an adult mind and tastes in its design department…Why dont they? If they made it look a bit more "Alpha" then people other than smug twits might buy one.

  2. Looks good. I'm sure if they fiddle with the gearing, they can get it to move with 7 onboard. This is a good idea though. I've been slamming Toyota lately but I do like this.

  3. toyota is grasping at straws, all the while advertising frantically about their "quality". Ya right! People know what's up with toyota. Dimitrios Biller, toyota's ex lawyer has won an injunction allowing his documents that show some nasty stuff can be used as evidence in court. google it, it's scary for toyota in my opinion. There is a nissan called the Note, if you look it up, it has been out for at least 4 years. This all- new toyota looks like it.

  4. Alpha – They are being ironic in case you didn't figure it out. maybe they should call it the Prius Begley.

  5. I like it, but this thing won't fit 7. It doesn't look much longer/bigger than the current Prius. Extend the back end another 2 feet and see if you can seat 6 people safely in reasonable comfort (3 rows of 2 seats, with a center pass through so that people can walk to the 3rd row without lifting seats).

    Vince, I think it should actually do OK; the hybrid motor brings tremendous instantaneous torque, and no one buying this expects anything speed or quick acceleration.

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