2012 Toyota Yaris

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This is actually the new Toyota Vitz, a name they use for other markets.
The Vitz and Yaris are pretty much the same car.

It is more angular, but also more boring especially up front.
Not sure that the Mazda 2 has too much to worry about…
Even the new Nissan March seems a bit more interesting.

(Thanks to a reader for this)

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  1. It is more aggressive looking than the Yaris we have now but it's still ugly. Does Toyota even have a styling department?

  2. What are you guys talking about?? Toyota haters…
    This is a handsome little eco-car. AND, it's now a 4-door hatch, not a sedan, so there's more room too. The front boring? NOT! Look at the fog lights and front spoiler-very aggressive in my opinion. I like the clean body lines now too.

  3. Toyota design teams favourite tool – etch-a-sketch. You can see that they're trying but where's the passion?

  4. Wrong on all the negative comments. This car looks great and like Toyota finally put some effort into its design. Doubt the center beer can exhaust will make it into production though. This will sell well.

  5. Just what the world needed: A Yaris for Yutzs on Yaz. Sounds like a bad Dr. Suess book. One that will end in fatalities for many unfortunate "Toy-boys"

  6. This is a ugly car with a nose front the Matrix mixed with the Scion XB, the rear of an old Impreza/Saab 9-2X! Those people who said that the Aveo is ugly, are you changing your mind? THIS is ridiculous.

  7. This is a nice looking little car. It'll compete with Ford, Mazda, Hyundai and Honda just fine. On top of the decent looks, it will most likely offer superior build quality and fuel economy as well. Just like the current one.

  8. "Does Toyota even have a styling department?"

    Yes, and it's among the best in the biz. For a mainstream brand, Toyota has some of the most modern and well thought out designs. Park this next to an Aveo when they both come out and I bet it will make the Aveo look last gen.

    Says a lot for a brand that a few years ago had some of the dullest looking cars on the market.

  9. I'm disappointed with this design. The front air dam and skirts look ridiculous. These are more of the unfortunate styling trends from recent years of the Corolla.

    I don't want an econobox that pretends to be a sports car, or a tuner car.

    What I would like is a nice, clean, simply designed Corolla station wagon, with rear seats that fold flat and a 6-speed auto tranny.

  10. it will most likely offer superior build quality and fuel economy as well. Just like the current one.

    NOT THE ONE I BOUGHT!!!!! –never again Toyota!

    Hondas & Hyundais may not be as pretty as Cadillacs & Chryslers but at least THEY work! -UNlike the Tempermental Toyotas!!!

  11. Anonymous said…
    oh look another toyota that looks like shit…

    October 2, 2010 12:07 PM

    You should also add: Look another Toyota that will sell like hell!
    Car enthusiasts here do not like Toyota styling. But I bet Toyota'a accountants do not think the same…

  12. I do tend to poke fun at Toyotas styling quite a bit but that's because they don't appeal to me at all. The one Toyota that I do like is the recently freshened Camry. Before I thought it was painfully boring looking but I like what they did to the front. It's still a little boring looking but I do like it. But that's really it for Toyota. I don't like any Scions. I used to like the older tC but I don't like any of them now. I do like Lexus' cars but I hate their suv's, big and small.

    I do like Toyotas engineering department….minus their gas pedal/floor mat departments. But other than that, they do make a good performing, efficient and well put together product…except for their gas pedals and floor mats:)

    Toyota's goal, like any manufacturer, is to sell as many cars as possible. I believe you do that by building an efficient, good performing, well built and BORING looking vehicle. If you make a car too exciting looking, then it appeals to a particular group but if you make it boring then it SAFELY appeals to the majority of consumers. Nothing on it offends anybody. So it will move out of the dealership and have a high resale value later on. And that's why I think Toyota builds the vehicles to look the way they do. On this website, as well as others, we are all enthusiasts who like exciting looking cars but if you ask the average joe on the street who does'nt give a crap about cars, they'll buy anything with…… a high resale value. Is anyone still reading at this point of have I bored everone to death:)

    The one thing that amazes me about these car sites is how people like different styles of cars. I may love one type of car but it makes somebody else want to stick their heads in a toilet. Somebody else may like the looks of a particular car but I'd rather be poked in the eyes than look at it. That amazes me. I may be left there scratching my head but I appreciate that.

    Allright I'm done… I'll shut up now.

  13. ….a continuation of my earlier rambling. I think too that, that is why VW is making their cars more boring looking. So as to appeal to more people. Enthusiast will not be happy but people who don't particularly give a crap will be happy. VW is also considering getting into NASCAR to appeal to an even larger group of people. I guess VW is going to use their own carbeurated 355(?)CID V8 with their own 4speed maunal and solid rear axle:)

    OK, I'll shut up starting… uuhhh…. now.

  14. Toyota'a accountants do not think the same…

    I think the accountants are the one's who got them into hot water in the first place — skimping on proper ergonamics, cheap quality of materials, insufficent testing, and cutting corners everywhere to compete against korea's low labor costs and still maintain Toyota's obscenely high profit margins.

    Toyota's accountants are well aware that outstanding marketing is much less costly than outstanding engineering or outstanding design. And since there are more consumers who know nothing about cars then there are those who know a lot– the way to line Mr. Toyoda's Pockets is to beef up the PR spin and cut way back on substance.

    Nothing has changed at Toyota–NOTHING!

  15. I typically can't stand Toyota design but this isn't bad. It looks as though it was penned by the same designer who did the current Prius. All their other vehicles have the melted-in-the-sun appearance. This one at least does not.

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