2012/13 Volvo C30

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The C30 will be available as a 3 and 5 door when it is redesigned a little bit over a year from now.

I’ve always liked the current design, and I hope the new one looks better than this illustration.
Or maybe at least the 3 door.

But this will be a good move for Volvo, especially in Europe where it will be able to compete better with the VW Golf.
Which will also be redesigned by then.

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  1. I see a lot of gratuitous side body contouring and a few strange warts on the front clip.

    And these wheels are positively eighties

  2. I actually considered a purchase of a C30 some time ago, but the gas mileage is horrible for a car this size. Volvo really needs to address this issue of getting better gas mileage for a car of this size…. There is NO excuse for it !

  3. Speedoswimmer, I considered purchasing one as well. The deciding factor for me was the complete lack of luggage space. Too bad, I love the design particularly the glass hatch.

  4. I used to like the S40, C30, V50 cars. But this looks the Pontiacification of Volvo. The new Chinese owners are ruining this brand.

  5. The Chinese transaction virtually just closed…a 5 door C30 has been rumoured for a few years so I'm sure the planning for this was all Swedish / Ford-driven. I drive a C30 myself and it's an amazing car. Sure, you make some sacrifices with luggae space, but overall it's a very well sorted car.

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