2013 VW Golf

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These illustrations seem to be pretty realistic.
Never expect anything totally new for a new Golf.

It always end up being an evolution of the current design, so these make sense.

A slightly more modern version of what is on sale now.

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  1. Nothing new here. I have an older US version. Pretty much the same front drive 4-dr 2-box hatch design as this. Name was different when I bought mine though. Back then they called it the 1978 DODGE OMNI 2.2 Still runs fine so I probabally won't bother to get this slightly "refreshed" one.


  2. and the VW tradition of poor quality will continue to be baked into the cake also with each new evolution.

  3. Beautiful designs and poor quality go hand in hand here. If you need transmission, A/C, fuel line, or electrical problems by 30k-45k miles, by all means go for it. It will look good both in the shop and your garage.

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