2013 VW Jetta Wagon

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The car currently sold in the US as the Jetta wagon is actually a wagon version of the Golf.

The new 2011 Jetta is a different car based on a different chassis. They don’t even have the same interior anymore.

So in time, maybe for the 2013 model year, the new Jetta will be getting a new wagon version.
Which could look pretty close to this illustration.

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  1. IMO, this is proportionally better looking then the upcoming Volvo s60 and Hyundai Sonata wagon variants and looks like a quality product. I personally think the current Passat wagon is one of the best looking out there, and this'll continue that!

  2. As good as this looks, it's not enough to distract me from the cheaper materials and DRUM BRAKES.

  3. Its design language is too good and interior is not getting properly but I suggest to change the color its too much common so we will expect it will come with new color…..

  4. I highly doubt the next Golf/Jetta wagon will be based on the US Jetta chassis.. that is, unless the next Golf also is. VW is too much into cost cutting lately to offer both a Golf-based (for Europe) and Jetta-based (for NA) wagon.

  5. LOL, No the Porsche 911 is not at all modern, it looks exactly like Ferry's original design, which in the 60's, was groundbreaking. Today it's just same old, same old…..poor Porsche, sales are dropping. It's no surprise.

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