Another picture of the next Mercedes SLK

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Looking very nice.
I guess it won’t look as blocky as some of their recent designs.
Interior is said to be inspired by the SLS.

We’ll see…

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  1. so-so. I was hoping for the kind of styling improvements that the latest E-class sedan has. Oh well, guess I buy something else this time around.

  2. "This will empty many bank accounts!!!"

    Yes indeed. Especially for the cost of repairs and maintenance.

  3. *Love* the shape of the grille and how it's sculpted back into the hood
    Like the rear 'haunches' from what I can see of them
    but in between it doesn't look inspired
    tho at least this doesn't seem to suffer from "Mazda Envy" front wheel arches.

    MB still needs to put some new stuff into their bag of tricks

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