Cadillac SLS to get 2.0 Turbo!

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In China.
Over here, the SLS has been in the news a few days ago by not offering the V8 anymore.
Only the 3.6 Liter V6 is available in the US for 2011.

But in China, the SLS sells quite well. It is also assembled locally.
It also received an all new interior a couple of years ago. A much better one than the horrible choice we still have here in the US.
And for the new year, a 264hp Version of GM’s great 2.0 Liter Turbo will be available.

I loved this engine in the Solstice I drove a couple of years ago.
A less powerful version is available in the new Regal.

So.. A 4 cylinder Cadillac. This time, in a big one.

I think GM should spread this engine around.
Ford has been very successful in marketing their similar 2.0 L Turbo by just calling it Ecoboost and advertising it.

Time for GM to wake up. Again…

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  1. Thats amazing that such a tiny engine can pull a full-size Cadillac! I remember when the 2.2 in Mom's K-car was only good for 98 HP. (I think 145HP in TURBO form) Definitely not enough to pull an SLS!

  2. That 2.0T has almost the same HP and torque as the Northstar V8.

    American buyers in this segment may want a V8, but I'm guessing Chinese buyers don't care nearly as much. I've read that most Chinese buyers of large luxury cars don't even drive. Rear seat accommodations are probably much important when you're stuck in a month-long traffic jam.

  3. That new interior looks great. Much better than ours here in the USA. If I remember correctly, I think GM is working on a new 8 or 9 speed auto-tranny. If that's the case then I think small turbo 4 cylinder engines would work better in these large cars.

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