Chevrolet Volt Commercial

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Big surprise, instead of showing more of the car, they decided to wave the flag.
Maybe trying to guilt “Americans into buying American.”

The Volt is probably really good and deserves to be sold on its own merit.

A tacky commercial with a lame tagline at the end (Chevy runs deep).
Even the small typeface looks cheap.

Let’s hope they do better next time…

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  1. Considering the negative press the Volt has received recently about whether it's a "true" plug-in electric car vs. a hybrid, and the positive press Nissan has received for their 100 mile range Leaf, I see this ad as a rebuttal to Chevy's critics and Nissan's fans. You've got to admit Chevy has a point – plans do change, and you can't always be sure your daily mileage will be within the range of a true electric.

  2. The only people who go for this silly fascist crap don't have $40K for this…They spent all their money on Silverados.

  3. "Maybe trying to guilt "Americans into buying American.""

    Just "maybe"?

    It's patently obvious.

    It's a cheap trick, but the are probably right in thinking they may scrape some sales from the japanese with that strategy.

  4. TV commercials are for the mentally retarded emotion-driven chumps just like most mainstream advertizing. This is not as intellectually insulting as American beer ads though.

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