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Just a few details, focusing on what’s new from the Sebring.
Basically, the 200 is a Sebring with redesigned front and rear ends.

As far as the interior, I guess the big news is… “stitching”?
I hope the rumors are true, and the car does get an all new interior.
The new Chrysler V6 will also make it into the revised car.

But most of the competition has really good base 4 cylinder engines as well. Something Chrysler still does not have.

I think it will take a couple of years, a more efficient and powerful base engine and an all new design to make the 200 even relevant in the market place.

Good luck….

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  1. An unquestionable improvement, both fore and aft, but it's that 'center' portion that'll ruin the entire thing.

    Time for a complete redesign……

  2. Of course they show no profile shot, indicating little improvement to one of the Sebring's primary flaws …

  3. Wonder how it will look with a Lancia badge on it.

    I really like where Chrysler's design is going nowadays though, it seems like they kind of mixed Lancia's theme with Chrysler's, it looks a little more fresh and European. Look at the headlights, they kind of remind me of the Delta a bit. I guess they are both kind of classic looking cars, the two brands really seem to complement eachother. I feel that merging the two will seem like a good idea in the long run.

    Now, it's the FIAT/Dodge merge that I'm more worried about. Perhaps the small Fiats (500 especially) will remain Fiats while Dodge's large cars (the REAL dodge's anyway) will remain Dodges and everything inbetween will be Dodges in the US and FIATS in Europe.

  4. I wished they could've done something about that awful C-pillar area, particularly that part just above the rear door handles. That's always been the ugly part of that Sebring & the Dodge Avenger.

  5. I personally think this car will be one of the better mid-life refreshments in the last few years. It's very difficult to improve on the current seberings lame roof-line but it will be much better then the current offering. And that grill looks good, it reminds me of the new grills that Peugeot uses on its newer concepts.

  6. big improvement on the front/rear, if they just put in the same amount of work improve the mid-section, a new interior, give it a modern engine, new transmission, new suspension works, new tires and rims, then it can almost become a piece of crap!

  7. Seems like if Chrysler had left the interior, front and back alone and just put a piece of glass over the blacked-out C-pillar; that everybody here would have run out and bought one! Too bad they didn't know that before they re-engineered the all-wheel independent suspension geometry, invented & installed a totally new engine, upgraded the interior to Mercedes levels, and totally replaced EVERYTHING from the firewall foward and the c-pillar back. All they really needed was a $2 piece of spandrel glass on each C pillar. Like some of the $50k++ europeans and Japanese do! The Fiat-Chrysler-Ferrari-Alpha Romeo-Jeep-Lancia-Dodge-Maseratti-Ram guys obviously don't know as much about selling vehicles as the bloggers on this site do! – I means that's just obvious!

  8. They DID do some

    (They put a "200" badge on that awful faux window plastic corner piece 😉

    The interior better rock.

  9. It's not perfect, but a BIG improvement over the current model and really remarkable that they did all of this in just a year.

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