Fiat 500 5 door?

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Not too sure, but it could be.
There has been rumors of a 5 door version of the 500, especially for the US market.
Which, including the convertible, would give Fiat 3 body styles available within the 1st year in the US.

Or.. It could also be the redesigned Lancia Ypsilon…
Which isn’t as exiting.

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  1. I am betting is Ypsilon; other spy shots show more of tail lamps and suggest a different model than the 500.

  2. Definitely the next Ypsilon…the rear 3/4 is much more in line with the current Ypsilon than the 500.

  3. Agreed.. the taillights are definitely Lancia. But I wouldn't doubt they will market a version of this 4-door as the Fiat 600.

  4. Tail light indicates that it is a different model than the 500, the rest 3/4 part of the car is some what like current Ypsilon

  5. Speaking of Chrysler/Fiat…have you heard any further word regarding the Jeep pickup? Since the dealer meeting in Orlando last September there has been word of production Jeep pickup for 2012. Have you heard any further word on this?

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