Nissan based Smart coming up. US only

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How about this for a car related nightmare:
The US distributor has decided to sign a deal with Nissan to sell a Nissan Micra based 5 door car as a Smart.
“Nissan based” means a Nissan with a new front and rear. And that’s it.
These flattened official sketches won’t fool anyone, the car is just a fancy 2010 March/Micra.
Which is exactly what a Smart shouldn’t be…

Here is the actual Nissan model due in the US shortly for a base price of under $10 000.
You can tell it’s pretty much the same car.

And here is the “old” Smart ForFour, built from 2004 to 2006 and never sold in the US (Although I have seen a couple around L.A)
Still a much more modern looking car, and more of a Smart, than the upcoming bastardized monstrosity…

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  1. You take Nissans best engineers and together with renaults best engineers, they develop a platform for both companies. The goal is to build the best small car chassis ever. Then, Smart makes a deal to use it! Smart indeed, it will be the best car they ever ( didn't)made.

  2. Yes…because the Smart car is SUCH a winner for sales in the US right now…

    Seriously – why would anyone buy this – or the original Smart? A Honda Fit is cheaper, more practical, equally good fuel economy and more fun to drive.

  3. Vicky Vance my good friend lives in London, England and drives a nissan march. She has 323,000km on it. It's bullet proof. Soooo the new one would be even better.

  4. if toyota and aston martin did something together, you spineless dweebs would love it. Oh wait they did and it's a dud.

  5. Smart sold to the handful of goofballs and now nobody is left to buy them…This Nissan can only IMPROVE sales numbers.

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