Lexus 2015: 100% Hybrid?

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Some new rumor.
All Lexus models could be Hybrid by 2015.
That is quite a claim. But it could be the only way for them to meet new MPG requirements.
And be different at the same time.

Is this a good idea, what do you think?

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  1. They announced something like this before but 2015 seems earlier.
    Good idea provided hybrid costs will be reduced but 2015 seems a bit early for 100%.

    Not sure if that's really the only way to meet CAFE. How will other carmakers meet this? Perhaps EV's or smaller cars and Germans will be adding more diesels?

  2. If thats what it takes to meet the 2015 fuel comsumption requirements, all carmakers will have to go in this direction.

  3. I am not sure why this is a unique niche or idea. The natural evolution is for all car makers to go hybrid. It is a matter of time. If Lexus gets there first, it will not hold the reins for very long. The reasons I will not consider a hybrid today are premium price and subpar driving dynamics. There is absolutely no reason for either one of these reasons to exist in mass produced hybrids.

  4. A lot of high end car manufacturers seem to be going this route. It may not be the best way but I believe it is currently the most cost effective and practicle way to get good performance with a decent level of fuel efficiency while considering infrastructure challenges. This works for the short term. Hopefully there will be new technologies in the next 5 to 10 years that they can put on cars that will be cleaner and more efficient. Infrastructure will still be the major challenge in the future and I believe that will dictate how cars will be powered.

  5. I think they should start with Toyota as an exclusive hybrid line.

    That way we might get a compeitor to the Ford Escape for a hybrid CUV.

  6. Toyota needs some positive attention these days (although I'm still not buying one), so why not?

  7. I'll stick with Lincoln, Thank you. Starts at $35k either way: V6-or-Hybrid. Customer's choice.

    And it's MUCH better looking. WithOUT all of Toy's intermittent quality glitches & safety issues.

    And you get REAL wood and a higher grade of leather than in a Lugie-XS (Lexus?)

  8. Is Lexus still even a luxury brand? With their newest vehicles, I wonder about where they are headed.

  9. I like the 100% Hybrid idea from the consumer stand point because it will start driving down the cost and mark-up of buying a Hybrid. This will drive Hybrids into the mainstream. Lexus will need to keep price points where they're at now, or only a $1K mark-up for it to work.

  10. "Is Lexus still even a luxury brand? With their newest vehicles, I wonder about where they are headed."

    you mean all those high-priced,not-entirely practical products with technological features that nobody really needs and is more show than function, and you wish you'd get a little big more power and content for what you've paid for?

    that's pretty much what lexus is doing, and that's pretty much what luxury is about, for just about any businesses

  11. Is Lexus still even a luxury brand?

    In the Marketing World, Lexus is what we call "near-luxury" Just like Buick & Chrysler. Luxury would be more like Cadillac, Mercedes or Jaguar.

    Just making something is overpriced & pretentious; doesn't make it a "luxury" item. Which is why toyota has never been able to get as much for their Lexus cars as GM does for a similar Cadillac or Daimler does for a similar Mercedes.

  12. Is Lexus still even a luxury brand?

    What a crass questin! Of course it is. What is it that you think it does no offer?

  13. Lexus is just overpriced mediocrity now but Lincoln is FAR worse! At least I can buy a 1 year old Lincoln at half price of new!

  14. Lexus, some of the best dealership ratings and low depreciation. Cadillac getting MORE for a similar vehicle. Got any facts to back up those claims?

  15. As long as each Lexus model remains distinct and true to their existing formula, this is probably a great idea. However, if Toyota decides to base all future Lexus models off the Camry and Prius, that is a huge mistake.

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