Lexus RX 270?

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Seems like Lexus will be offering a 4 cylinder version of the RX as a new base model.
But not in the US. Unless gas suddenly shoots up past $5 a gallon.

On another note, I just wonder what happened to the rumors of a small Lexus compact SUV .
That rumor was pretty popular 2 or 3 years ago…

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  1. Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks….what a goofy looking vehicle for for people who have more money than taste.

  2. It looks like a freakish jelly bean on wheels yet these things sell well. Their HS (Corolla with a $25K "luxury package") isn't doing well so a RAV4 Lexus might be a bust…But you never know with these things.

  3. When they made the first Lexus RS they broke the mold. Unfortunately they keep using that broken mold. But I'm sure this thing has great acceleration — unexpectedly great acceleration!

  4. New 2011 Murano in Canada just dropped $4000. It will sell like a freakin' diamond. Love the Murano, hate this toyo girly camry suv.

  5. They dropped the price of the Murano because of the lack of sales caused by its totally ugly snout.
    The Lexus still sells well.

  6. They dropped the price in Canada because the USD is dropping like a rock. Don't want those Cunucks sneaking past the US boarder to buy cars! DryBacks!

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