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I must say this is a total surprise to me.
I thought the whole Maybach brand was almost dead.

I have never been a fan of the sedans. On the road, they just don’t have the presence they should have for what they cost.
And they do look like oversized S Class Mercedes, for over 3 times the price.

But this is pretty stunning. Sure, it also looks a bit like a Mercedes. A bit like the CL Coupe.
But for some reason, it looks, to me, much better and impressive than the sedan.
Plus, its main competition, the Rolls Coupe, looks like a monster.

Now, if only I can make about $400 000 quickly. Or maybe wait about 3 years and pick one up for the price of a CL…

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  1. Vince I dont think this is an official Maybach product… I think this is a after-market company doing custom work on order.

  2. Actually… This is quite handsome, though the basic themes of the Maybach line are way overdue for a rethink – IMO.

  3. Most sedans look better chopped, shortened and made into a 2-door. But since they started with such a generically distasteful beast in the first place — this just seems like wasted effort.

  4. Finally a GOODLOOKING Maybach!
    Previous post is only half right. The 57 S Coupe is specially commisioned by Diamler for Maybach and coach built by Karosserie Manufaktur Weinsberg. Initially there will only be 100 copies of the 57 S Coupe with a price tag of (cough!)$923,000.

  5. What is even the point of the Maybach brand?

    Their product is ugly and the brand name is less well known and in my opinion has less cachet than the Mercedes-Benz brand. Why not just make a V class or something?

  6. Who'se the target market for this… Powerball winners? Maybachs look like amateurishly tarted-up S classes with all sorts of crap crammed into them. For the common person who doesn't care about cars, they buy a Camry or Sonata. For the hyper wealthy semi-blind with bad taste who don't care about cars (all five of them) and want something completely different, they buy Maybachs.

    Jabs aside, there just seem to be too many other excellent options for anyone to ever consider this.

  7. Maserati Granturismo Convertible, now that's a car, not this expensive mad max junk. You could buy 3 or 4 Mazzies and be further ahead!

  8. Initially there will only be 100 copies.

    How much do you want to bet that they can't sell them all!

    I hear there's a Maybach 1-door coupe with V-9 diesel-Hybrid coming out for 2.5B next year. But you better hurry — they're only making 40 of them! (all lime green with violet vinyl interior and gold-plated cast magnesium 28" dual wheels) AND ONLY 8 WITH WHITEWALLS!

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