New Dodge Durango Interior

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Looking really nice, I must say.

What a giant leap from the old one.
So it looks like Chrysler had decent stuff in the pipeline after all.

Now if they could only get some cars people would actually want to buy.
A big thirsty SUV and a 4 door muscle car aren’t really the most popular items right now…

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  1. Rolls-Royce and Ferarri aren't really the most popular models right now either–but if that's what you want, then it's the most significant product out there. Same as with Charger & Durango. If that's the type of machine you want– nothing else even comes close!

  2. I'll wait to see what the base trim lvl looks like before casting judgement. This is beginning to feel like a crowded market once again with this, the new explorer, the grand cherokee, the terrain, acadia, and traverse.

  3. This and the Cherokee are now all pretty much Mercedes…It took more than ten years and a MB sale of Chrysler to finally get MB parts into these products…LOL!

  4. Crowded market or more competitive choices…This is the largest market segment after trucks so more products means fewer compromises for consumers. It took a bankruptcy to get the UAW out of the way so Mercedes could prevail with their designs.

  5. The GLK, M & GL are now finally more Jeep/Dodge than Mercedes. It took more than ten years and a FIAT purchase of Chrysler for Dodge & Jeep to start using their own parts again!

    Now that MB has finally stolen enough info from Chrysler mabey we'll see an M, GL, G & GLK that hold together as well as a Dodge PowerWagon or Jeep Wrangler. (Although Merc STILL doesn't have the good taste in 4×4 design that this new Duragno shows.) It's about time that we FINALLY see Dodge/Jeep innovation showing up in DODGES & Jeeps again!…LOL!

    Chrysler's hard-earned reputation for engineering excellence was pretty much hijacked to Germany with the so-called "merger of equals"

    Nice to see that IT's BACK!

  6. Does this use the Mercedes ML or GL chassis?

    The ML & GLK use cheaper versions of the Jeep chasses (since they won't be going off-road too often). The Durango is a longer & more robust version of the same.

  7. Yes…Stronger version of Mercedes GLK chassis with the new Mercedes 3.6L V6 but the older Mercedes 5-speed auto…But Mercedes stole this stuff from Chrysler and Mercedes raped Chrysler which is why Mercedes LOST $40B in the deal…LOL!…You people live in LaLa land!

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