New Mercedes SLK

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Just a teaser.
With a new technology called Magic Sky Control that darkens the overhead glass panel.

SLK has always looked great. I can’t wait to see the new one.

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  1. Unfortunately I fear that the next SLK will suffer from the same hideously tacky overtly squareish design language of all their recent re-designs, especially those grotesque front ends.

    We'll See…

  2. Always liked the Chrysler Crossfire version better. Crisper, cleaner styling. Mabey now Mercedes can clean-up the slumpy-dumpy melted -80's Tarus look of the old SLK and move it upmarket to a Clean, Crisp, Cadillac-like ambiance.

  3. Its not a new technology. Its an electrochromic panel, which becomes opaque when you introduce and electric charge. MB introduced these on the Maybach back when they restarted the brand in the early 00's.

  4. It has also been on many concept cars. I guess they finally found a cost effective way of producing it, now put it on more affordable cars!

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