New MG6 sedan pictures

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It is now official, the good looking 5 door hatchback is now joined by this good looking sedan version.
But not for the US….

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  1. Not really that good looking. The Accord & Camry are just as good (in their own "special" ways) and the entry-level Pontiacs (G6?) from 2008-9 trump all 3 by a mile… and the (now extinct) Sebring was even better. (The upcoming Chrysler 200 and current Buick LaCrosse both put them ALL to shame.)

    Tme MG has wheels that are too small, a goofy triangle-corner window in the rear door, so-so wheels, and a total lack of character lines ( or character period). The US is too competitive for this to survive right now. Even VW, and especially Nissan have got multiple models that have way more charisma.

    Good decision China — keep it in Eurasia.

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