New Opel Zafira

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These new illustrations give us a very realistic look at what the next Zafira will look like.
Competing in the same segment as the new Ford Grand C-max, it seems to look much better.
The Ford has a weird bloated look. The new Opel seems much sportier.

The Grand C-Max is coming to the US next year. Curious to see if GM will bring the Opel over as well.
Maybe as a Buick.

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  1. I think gm should just bring Opel to America. I don't like this segment of cars, though the ford c max is also a nice looking little…thing, I am a huge fan of Opel and they're boomerang style head lights

  2. The front end on this the basically the same front end they are going to use on their verion of the Chevy volt which is called the Opel Ampera.

  3. The Ford has a more refined look. I could admire this MPV's front end from pictures for a while, but I couldn't live with it no matter how good of a daily driver it may be. The side profile looks great, but the way they executed the rear door (esp that blacked out piece below the window) was very distasteful. To sum it up, it's not bad and would look okay as a chevy while offering Americans more MPV choices… bring it stateside 🙂

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