New Toyota Yaris/Vitz

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These are pictures of the different versions of the japanese market Vitz.

Which one of these would you pick to be what we’ll see here as the 2012 Toyota Yaris?

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  1. I think the one in the middle is a good balance of the other two. The one on top looks rediculous with its plastic doughnuts and the one on the bottom looks overstyled. Knowing Toyota, we'll probably get the one on top and perhaps the middle one might be what the hybrid would look like.

  2. ^ Well said. But I would like to see the bottom one here. The top is definitely what We'll get though. It is the most bland.

    Now they would REALLY be pulling a GM if they released the bottom as the 2010 xD. But they have enough smarts left to never cross that line.

  3. Maybe it would be more appealing if they called it the Schvitz.

    This has got to be one of the least attractive cars of this size/design that I've seen.

  4. This would never be released as an xD. . . the Scion xD is rebadged JDM Toyota IST, also sold as the Toyota Urban Cruiser in Europe, both of which are sold alongside the Yaris.

  5. Top one will be the base Yaris, middle one will be the S. I doubt they'd bring the bottom one since the triangular openings in the fascias and the cladding looks a little too close to the Scion xD and xB.

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