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It’s good to see an all new Saab after what almost happened a few months ago.

And the production model looks almost exactly like the concept I saw at the Detroit auto show a few years ago. A good thing.

It will be available with the same engines as its cousin, the Cadillac SRX. A 3.0 Liter V6 or a 2.6 Liter V6 Turbo.

I think it’s too bad we’re not seeing the 2.0 Liter Turbo as a base model.
It would make it even more a real Saab.
The Audi Q5 does offer their 2.0 Liter turbo, even in the US.

Maybe later…

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  1. a beautiful alternative for those who want to stand out from the crowd – -even more so for the new 9-5. Let's see this hardware on the road already!

  2. It is probably too heavy to use the 4 cylinder turbo engine. Just look at the curb weight for its platform-mate the SRX!

  3. It's a beaut! With the new engine sharing agreement with BMW and possible other joint ventures, I think Saab will survive and survive it should. Sad what GM did to it, but you can't deny what the brand has brought to the table over the years. Not to mention, there is nothing wrong with a boutique brand. Can't wait to see the new 9-3 next year. I'll take one of those and the 9-4 and would be a very happy camper.

  4. It really does have somewhat of a Ford feel to it but its not bad looking. I would like to see it in black.

  5. People at Saab are so stupid that they can't even see that the Saab interior has always been aweful and that is why people with adult tastes don't buy these. It is OK to market to the childish goofs (ie, Scion) but Saab is FAR too expensive for those people.

  6. You mean people at GM running Saab pennypinches Saab's interior so it looks awful? See any concepts from Saab and their interiors were nice.

  7. I read on saabsunited that the new owner of Saab is already in talks to provide upgraded interior/materials by late 2011/2012. That would pretty much help with critics of the interior. Just a bit drab IMO, though the euro models come with a two tone brown interior with woodgrain. Why don't we get that in US??

  8. I disagree with Hedge. Fords are arguably more reliable and have better quality than Saabs– but their latest Styles are too cluttered & overwrought. This SAAB has a nice clean style. Not plain or generic, but clean, yet unique. A much better exterior design than anything from Ford. On the interior however Ford gives them a run for their money. The new Tarus and Flex are very nice. The new Explorer is not all that great inside (Here the SAAB is again the clear winner). And most importantly, the SAAB is blatently all SAAB–inside & out!

  9. As opposed to drunken Swede componentry?

    The interior of Saabs has always been laughable and repulsive and they are too stupid to figure it out.

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