What am I driving this week?

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  1. Most new cars & trucks have the 2 dials & a digital readout between them. The digital is pretty tiny so I'm guessing a brand that cuts corners a bit. (I.E. it's NOT a Ford or Chrysler product– probably not a Mercedes or GM either. ) One thats on the cheap side… Kia? Honda? Hyundai? Toyota? Not sure. Too many are similar to this right now.

  2. Yes, the new 2011 Jetta.
    A base S model with Automatic as an option.

    And No. The check engine light is NOT on. It just comes on, like other warning lights, for a few seconds when you start the car.

  3. Nice choice, Vince. I would get myself a stickshift, but for a young person buying his/her first new car the base Jetta with an automatic might be an attractive option compared to Cruze, Focus, etc.

    I wonder how the 2.0L compares to the 5-cylinder engine. Many reviews complain that the 2.5L is not very smooth.

  4. I also think the stick would be a better choice in this car.
    But VW just sent me this one for a week.
    I have driven the 2.5 L before many times, and it is a much better engine than the old 2.0

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