2010 Los Angeles Auto Show notes

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-The Audi A7 is even more striking in real life.
-The new VW Touareg has the most solid doors I’ve ever experienced.
-The VW press conference for the “new” Eos was pathetic.
-The new Volvo S60 has a great interior.
-The 2011 Corolla is not better in person.
-The new Charger interior is still pretty cheezy.
-The Kia Optima’s interior might be the best in class.
-The new Lexus Hs200 does look much better and upscale in person.
-New Explorer’s doors sound as cheap as the Taurus it is based on.
-Evoque isn’t worth $45 000.

-There just wasn’t enough stuff I hadn’t seen before.
The internet has ruined the thrill of seeing things at the auto show for the first time.


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  1. The most impressive car for its class at the show was the new Hyundai Elantra. Comparing it to the very good Cruze and Focus really showed how much better the Elantra was. I'm not a huge fan of the whole "Hyundai Flow" design language, but it really worked well on the Elantra, and the interior was the best in class.

  2. I just saw a black Audi S5. It makes everything else look like cheesy junk. James Bond MUST have been driving it. Wow!

  3. Vince, you mean instead of Lexus Hs200 the CT200h?

    I saw the A8 in Europe and I wasn't that impressed as it looked much like an A6. The A5/A7 sportbacks though look great.

  4. I agree with much of your commentary, especially that the internet kind of ruins the "special-ness" of seeing new models in person! But Vince, don't you perpetuate that with this site? 🙂

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