2011 Chrysler 200

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First time we see the interior of the revised Sebring sedan.

What a giant step forward.
But the previous one was the worst, so anything would have been an improvement.

Besides the really nice interior, the new front and rear ends are not enough to make it look like a new car.
And only the top of the line V6 is new.
Everybody else is making great base engines these days.

I really don’t think the changes are enough.
I still smell “rental car”…

For more pictures and a drive, click on the title. Our friends at Cars.com have actually seen the car.

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  1. uhh – why don't you wait to drive it Vince.

    Can't tell much about an new suspension from a picture.

    jeez – why can't anyone just accept that Chrysler is doing some great thing across the board and deal with it?!

  2. "jeez – why can't anyone just accept that Chrysler is doing some great thing across the board and deal with it?!"

    Maybe because they arnt.
    They are still a turd but now they are just sprinkling them with glitter.

  3. It is way better. It might get buyers who might be looking at Ford or Chevy, but I doubt anyone would pick an Accord or Camry over this. The dash looks alot better, but I think that the Malibu and Fusion still have the edge. I won't be embarrassed to rent one though.

  4. I think it's a pretty great improvement. Lets see how it drives.

    The dash is a bit generic – but that isn't a bad thing.

  5. One of them moments when the old and new pic , same cam angle is freaking hot, now i gotta go search the web to refresh my memory of how really really bad the old dash looks like, cause i refused to ever get within 10 feet of these, lol

  6. I gotta admit it– I like what I see. I really like the interior, the exterior, the front, the back , the door panels–everything. From every angle.

    I just love it when a car comes together this well.

    Too bad it doesn't happen more often–for ANY company.

    The convertable version will replace our Lexus next spring.

    I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. considering where Chrysler came from (raped, pillaged, & sold into slavery)
    AND their current limitations;
    I'm feeling quite optimistic about Mopar!

  8. I drove the Sebring as a rental, and it was easily the worst car I've driven in 5 years, since my last rental Pontiac Grand Prix.

    Fiat should have destroyed the equipment and started over with a new sedan. The Sebring is cursed, and a makeover and name change won't solve the problem.

  9. i just clicked the link and saw more pic of the car, honestly, it's only a relative huge leap forward because they are leaping from one of the worst car ever made, other than that, appearance wise it's still painfully obvious that they basically just throw on some disguise on top of the old car, nothing more. not much going on beyond the new trim pieces on the dash and console. the "brand new" engine/trans evenly match up to the current competitors, which have been around for years already. the whole act of pretending it's a new car by avoiding the old tainted sebring name and giving it a new name is rather pathetic and desperate

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