2011 Chrysler 300 interior

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This actually looks really good to me.

The new 300 could turn out to be a great alternative to the Taurus, Maxima and LaCrosse.
If priced right.

We’ll see really soon how the whole thing turns out…

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  1. is it a new car, or they just "update" it like the chrysler seb200ring?

    it does look pretty good though, both in and out, distinctly american and upscale at the same time

  2. Damn! That looks pretty slick.

    I find it interesting they're using a Mercedes gear shift now 🙂

    When is this thing going on sale?

  3. i dont think this is meant to compete with those cars vince, but i agree if they price it similarly it will give a great alternative to otherwise boring alternatives. this looks better than the genesis IMO, very upscale

  4. Great alternative to a Taurus or Maxima? Are you kidding?

    Taurus and Maxima still look much better than this inside and out.

  5. Maxima is beautiful and should have been an Infiniti, the Taurus was hot but now is becoming a police car. Raise the status of this car, make it less likely to be a ghetto bentley and this car will sell well against Cadillac

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