2011 Opel Corsa

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The little Corsa gets revised for the new year.
Just a few changes to keep it fresh, and a bit more aggressive.
I think it does work.
No matter what, the Corsa is one of the nicest looking small car in Europe.
In the “old Saturn” days, just a couple of years ago, Bob Lutz had mentioned that the next Corsa would be sold in the US.
Without Saturn around, I am not sure what US GM brand would sell such a small car. Chevy has its hands full with a new Aveo, and this would be too small for Buick.

I guess it’ll never happen.

This is the current model.

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  1. I'm from Germany and although the Corsa was already ok looking for an Opel, it is disappointing they didn't change a thing at the rear. AND this face lift is 1 year over due.

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