2011 Toyota Corolla

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Yes, I know…
This is what Toyota will have to battle the new Elantra, Focus sedan.
Not to mention everything else that looks better.

Complete with 1990’s specs too::
1.8 Liter with 132 hp and, yes, a 4 (four) speed automatic.

By any standard, a pretty pathetic offering for 2011.
Plus, the S version pictured here, complete with side skirts, spoiler AND chrome in the back ( a weird combo of wanna be luxury and wannabe sport), looks worse than ever.

Good luck…

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  1. Wow, this extreme makeover is going to make it hard for me to choose this or the new Jetta for the most boring car on the road.

  2. I agree with your comment re chrome at the back. While T blacked out everything else, this lil piece of chrome sticks out like a sore thumb…

  3. Reminds me of the previous generation Mazda 6… Toyota definitely is going to have a struggle over the next couple of years…

    Only ONE word comes to my mind when I look at these pics…YAWN!
    The ONLY thing that's going to get this car to sell is the Toyota name. I'd MUCH rather have the new Elantra. This Corolla looks like it was from the 90's. Are they serious?

  5. All those Corolla buying drones are going to be pissed a few years from now when they realize that their Corolla has held its value about as well as a Kia since Toyota has been whoring them out for the last few years.

  6. To be fair.. my 1990's Corolla had only 110 hp.. I have an 2004 Corolla now. A friend of mine had a 2010 model as a rental and said it was a decent driver all around. For me, they would need to have improved the interior materials for me to consider this. That 2012 Elantra is looking awfully tempting especially at 40 mph with an incredible design.

  7. That S package is as pathetic as the punk down the street bondo-ing ground effects onto his hand-me-down Saturn. No, wait. The punk's work results in a much more appealing vehicle.

    So now Toyota is falling prey to the disease that was once the scourge of the US auto makers – Small cars are for kids syndrome! Slap some plastic skirts on a wheezy old 4-banger and call it a car. the kids will hate it so much they'll be moving up to a bigger, profit-making car in no time.

  8. Yes, John, they are serious. They expect their brain washed U.S. customers to just robo sign and drive this "new" refreshed (chuckle)Corolla.

    After all, this is a "Toyota". Hyundai and Ford should be very, very worried (LOL).

  9. eI do have to say that the interior looks much improved (though still not as nice as the Cruse or the Elantra)

  10. I had one of these for a few years back in the mid 2000s. It was an "s" model, just after they first came out. I don't think much has changed since. The side skirts drove me crazy, big mistake, and I eventually removed them. The spoiler blocked a few critical inches of rear view vision, and looked goofy, but I couldn't remove that without replacing my trunk lid.

    The car was very reliable, and got excellent mileage. However, it was noisy, bounced around when you hit potholes while turning (e.g., this happened every time I drove on Coldwater Canyon), and the hard armrest was very uncomfortable.

  11. Wow, sporty! I know this because it has a wing on the trunk and cladding on the bottom. Just like Pontiac did in the 90s. Brah-voh!

  12. The same things that Toyota is going to kill Subaru with….crummy stying and cheap plastic. What a hideous thing.

  13. nissan had to modify the dash of the 04 quest because the the console area had a round and slanted design which appeared to be a seperated component from the rest of the dash (which was actually quite ergonomic), and it "scared off" many potential buyers. it was still round and slanted in the updated 07+ model, they just disguise it and make it appear to be more connected. you have no idea how any tiny bits of creativity and aesthetic elements will send thousands of average buyers away. sameness and boringness sells, big time, high volume retailers like toyota, honda, and vw probably spend a great deal of money and resources to intentionally remove any elements that will "stick out" for the average buyer, so as far as business goes, this corolla hits the spot.

  14. A boring car for boring people! A good design doesn't cost more it just requires some creativity. Toyota knows that it has its loyal flock of sheep, so why bother.

  15. The Focus, Elantra and Forte are going to eat this for lunch. As was commented above, other than the blind legions that will buy anything that Toyota makes, it doesn't have a chance in hell.

  16. Interesting thing is that I read it on just about every car sites that people hate it, but when December comes around, Corolla's sales figure will be up there. It leads me to believe that car enthusiasts are a minority bunch. Car companies aim for the mass, that's where the money is.

  17. You can still aim for the mass market and have good design and great sales…examples include Nissan Altima, Chevy Malibu, Honda Civic, etc. This is just boring and bad, but I agree that it will sell. At some point people will wake up and go with the better designs. Toyota is just riding on its reputation.

  18. Hey guys who do you think is the most boring, the Corolla, Jetta or the 2012 Civic for America? I don't have all day I want commets sometime before Thanks Giving. Lol.

  19. Do you ever look at anything analytically? Look at last year's (09) sales numbers for the cars in your list:

    1) Corolla 297,000
    2) Civic 260,000
    3) Focus 160,000
    4) Elantra 103,000

    Who NEEDS to be taking chances with innovative styling?

  20. To: JTZ

    Well, at least the new Jetta is NEW boring whereas the Corolla is OLD boring… I'm no lover of the Civic but I'd have to say it looks the most interesting of the three. In reality though, I think I'd rather have a piano dropped from the top of a building and on to my head than look at any of these:)

  21. This is THE perfect car for those who want cheap and durable…And bratty little twits won't want to steal them either.

  22. This will sell based on huge dealer discounts. A friend of mine just bought a new 2010 LE package for $13,500 from Sandy Springs Toyota which comes with 2 years free maintenance. Still the best deal going in the compact segment.

  23. I drove one as a rental earlier this week. I hate to admit it, but the car was solid, rattle-free and very, very quiet. Steering was a bit twitchy but that just may be due to the short wheelbase. I don't like small cars but I was surprised by this one.

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