2011/12 VW Golf Cabrio

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There has been rumors for years about a new Golf Cabrio.
But now, VW has announced this:
“Over the decades, some of the most beautiful models in the automobile world have left the assembly line in Osnabrück. We will be carrying on this tradition from 2011 with the new Golf Cabrio.
The capacities and specialist skills available here are very valuable for our Group. We will be creating a total of 1,800 jobs at Volkswagen Osnabrück by the end of 2011. Osnabrück will therefore remain a high-performance automobile location in our Group alliance going forward.”

So the new Cabrio is coming.

Not sure if VW really needs that many convertible models.
The Eos will stay the most expensive, starting at over $32 000.
The next Beetle convertible will be slightly less expensive than the current one, which still means around $26 000.

So I guess the Golf Cabrio will be even cheaper.
A regular Golf, in the US , starts at around $18 000. Adding about $6000 still makes it about $2000 cheaper than the Beetle.

Not sure f that will be enough of a difference.
I think a new Cabrio should start at around $22 000/$23 000. Making it a truly affordable 4 seater convertible.
Something we haven’t seen for a while.

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  1. Is there really any point in having both this and the EOS?

    Answer: NO… There isn't.

    Well at least the EOS doesn't look as Dirt Dull as this thing does.

  2. I agree with your pricing model, Vince. The Golf Cabrio should become the entry-level "People's Convertible."

  3. I think that the difference between this and the Eos is that the Cabrio doesn't have the expensive retracting hardtop, and the trunk is useable with the top up or down. Not sure why anyone would pick this over a Beetle convertible though. I have a 16 year old Cabrio and it is a fun, and cheap convertible. Unfortunately I also owned a newer Passat, and after that experience, you could not get me to ever buy another Volkswagen.

  4. The Eos and Beetle are chick cars. This one, while somewhat boring, could be potentially driven by someone with balls.

  5. Listen and listen clearly…..VW and Porsche are living in the past. Their forefathers and mothers would be ashamed that they haven't evolved and moved forward in design in any way. Every other car in the world has evolved. Look at audi, even though they are similar they are modern and different. VW and Porsche are stuck. They need some balls like their early designers. Come out with something new, it's ok, don't be so scared!

  6. I see a market for the Golf Cabrio: the EOS is more expensive, with a complicated folding top; the Beetle is an impractical niche product that is bought, mostly by girls, mostly for its styling.

  7. I'm thinking the Eos will move to the CC platform in its next generation.. so the Golf convertible will be taking its place.

  8. slab99 said…
    The Eos and Beetle are chick cars. This one, while somewhat boring, could be potentially driven by someone with balls.

    Like a…gay man?

    Sorry, couldn't resist the obvious.

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