2012 BMW 1 series Coupe and Convertible

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Next year, Europe will be getting an all new 1 series.
As 3 and 5 door hatchbacks.

But the coupe and convertible models, which came out a while after the current hatch versions, will stick around.
So they are getting very mild revisions for the new year, while the hatchbacks will be all new.

I wish BMW would sell the new hatchbacks over here.
The Audi A 3 seems to be doing OK in the US.
Even Lexus has decided to sell the new CT200h in the US.

But with new regulations, it might just be a matter of time until we see the small BMWS over here. With smaller engines too.

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  1. I see them alot here in so cal, with mexican plates, the 3 door hatch is real hot, and the 5 door looks just right ! big mistake for not selling them here seeing they look tons better than the coupes nasty headlamp units !

  2. Though ALL BMW 1-Series are extremely unfortunate looking, at least we (in the US) aren't subjected to the atrocities that are the 3 and 5 door versions.

    This 'facelift' is the typical BMW 'do as little as possible' front and rear (slight) revision and does little to mask the cartoonishness of these least attractive (save the 5-GT) BMWs.

    Suggestion: Remove and Replace ASAP!

  3. Rated one of the least reliable cars on the planet according to Jd powers and assoc. Junk is junk!!!!!!

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