2012 BMW 3 series?

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Another illustration.
There will be plenty more before the car actually come out next year.

And when it does, you can bet it’ll look exactly like a smaller 5 series. Which, itself looks like a smaller 7 series…

They are now talking about a hybrid version.

Let’s just hope they price it right.
Unlike VW does with the new Touareg by charging about $15 000 (!!!) more for the Hybrid than the TDI Diesel in the US…

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  1. I've read a lot of conflicting prices for the new Touareg, but most seem to agree that the hybrid premium will be closer to $10,000. Still steep, but it also comes "loaded" with the panoramic glass roof, 12-way seats in front, heated and reclining seats in the back, etc.

  2. Handsome Enough… but I really dislike BMW's 'One Sausage/Different Size' design paradigm.

    It's Boring and Unimaginative.

  3. The whole issues regarding sausage design ignores the fact that most people buying these cars want something easily recongnizeable as as a status symbol…. i.e. they want their car to look like a BMW. As such, the auto maker will be less likely to take design risks with their bulk sales bread and butter car (like the 3 series) and possibly turn off potential customers. Of course, with higher end models with lower expected sales volume, they may indeed take such risks.

  4. The current one looks freakish and cartoonish from most angles and this does in fact look proportional. Car companies should just use the internet to get their designs…Almost all hack illustrations are better looking than what any self-annointed "stylist" come up with.

  5. Boring/Unimaginative = WAS designed by a brain-dead member of "Hitler's Youth"; an irrelevent lamb chop following the flock like a big dumb rock. Destined to makes the exact same mistakes that have been made a thousand times before.

    There's simply no excuse for lazy design on ANYTHING over $30k. A car, a boat, a suit, a painting; in that price range it should–at the very least– be distinctive. This is just a pathetic generic. Makes you wonder where else they got lazy.

  6. I think BMW is looking at how Buick & Cadillac are attracting ever-younger buyers. That leaves a lot of old goats lookin for ancient conservative styling. The kind that BMW has now started producing. FINALLY a "safe" styled auto for the over-80 crowd!

  7. We all know it's going to look like a smaller 5 series, I hope the interior is much better than the current gen. Which is rather plain.

    The new 5 Series is much more boring than the car it replaces, but the interior is far more luxurious. I drive a 2008 5 series and was never too impressed with the interior even though I prefert the exterior of mine to the new one.

  8. Coupe looking like they all are going to now…CC, CLS, CLK, Aston, Sonata. Very strong and elegant for those with adult character and enough money to actually purchase one.

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