2012 Hyundai Accent hatchback

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The new Accent is coming out soon after the new year in the US.
Looks like a hatch version won’t be too far behind.

Competing with the Mazda2 and the new Nissan March, I guess…

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  1. lol. iQuack not even close to resembling Ford Fiesta. But I do enjoy the sense of humor.

    Reminds me more of Hyundai's wildly successful European i30 model.

    This should find good demand here in the states.

  2. Alright, I like Hyundai, like their styling direction BUT, the back off this car is repulsive. Did they not get the memo from the new Tucson/Sportages? PEOPLE don't like limited rear visibility from small windows!

  3. This is just a facelifted i30 hatch; to be in line with the new Elantra's style (which is out now, but only half-way into the i30's life). The i30 is the best car Hyundai makes; it's great!

  4. Finally a designer that gets it that we want sexiness with our cars, they coulda made it look like total crap, just look at the current accent for real bad design ! cant wait to see these and the sedan on the road, but im waiting for the next rio to buy my next car..

  5. Good thing that it is a hatch so it can haul around those HUGE taillamps. It looks good, though. I find myself slowly becoming attracted to these hatch-back semi-cross-over-looking things.

  6. At first I though this was a updated/refreshed i30 but then i went online and compared photos between this, the i30 and the RB/Accent. This is definitely the new Accent hatch, not an i30.

    On a side note, wouldn't it be funny if the new Accent/Verna/RB was based on the i30 platform!?

  7. Fiesta and new Accent have some similar lines. However, I think the general similarity is incidental, since Hyundai has been taking their entire auto lineup in this direction. This photo is NOT the i30. The i30 is the Elantra touring…a larger car.

    I wonder wha the base price on this will be….

  8. Mobis21 doesn't believe that the Accent resembles the Fiesta. But look at those 2 cars together and see how similar in style they are.

    See the website below:

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