2012 Hyundai Azera

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These are the first official sketches from Hyundai.
And actually look pretty realistic.

Seems like for the first time, the big Hyundai could have a chance against the Lacrosse and Maxima.

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  1. So….will the 2011 Azera be a collector's item? I'm trying to understand why it took 6 model years for a refresh that will only last one year. It should have happened in 2009 like the Sonata.

  2. Very nice looking vehicle. Hyundai's design team is worth gold. Vince, have you heard anything about the new Santa Fe? I would have expected to see some pics about now.

  3. "Anonymous said…
    It doesn't even come close to the LaCrosse. It does however look better than the Maxima.

    November 18, 2010 10:27 AM"

    This looks a million times better than ANYTHING in the segment.

  4. The LaCrosse is a really nice car but this is sportier. Price it right and it might sell, but if it dosen't just drop the model and focus on the Genesis.

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