2012 Mazda Miata

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There are big changes in store for the next Miata.
They are talking about a lighter car, with more power and much more efficient engines .

All good news.

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  1. Oh ! Nooooooooooooooooo !!!!!

    Looks like I will be trading my 2007 MX-5 for this new 2012 MX- 5… Looking good !!!

    BTW, it is NO longer refered to as a Miata since Mazda is trying to get away with the old name and to stay with MX-5 name……

    While the MX-5 is NO Porsche, it is by all means a great touring roadster and cetainly a lot of bang for one's money..

    Zoom Zoom Zoom … Happy Holidays

  2. Ooh, this illustration looks nice. A bit BMWish, but nice. Mazda may yet make amends for not having made the current Miata look more like the Ibuki concept. I hated them for that.

  3. "Looks like they are making it less girly as well…Something a male with testosterone might drive."

    Funny, I thought the opposite. More frills and ruffles than the last one.
    You going to be getting pink?

  4. I'm usually not a fan of the Miata. Besides, I don't fit in it (too tall). But I must say this looks really good. It'll be interesting to see what they use for an engine and transmission.

  5. Before deciding if I like it or not… I first want to see if it will have the ghastly giant-smiling-mouth front of current Mazdas.

  6. Looks like they took a clay model of the current bmw 6 and kept pinching the rear end and came up with this, and it does look hot, just hope they didnt make the trunk any smaller than it is currently, its hard to grocery shop now !

  7. The Idiot Grin(TM) looks OK on the new Mazda5 as well. The Idiot Grin*TM) on this will be the Idiot Smirk(TM) because of the limited height of the front end.

  8. Looks good. However, it needs to grow in size. More Porsche size like. It is about time to make it a serious contender. The mid life crisis crowd will still buy the more expensive ones.

  9. Sorry but that is not it. A nice photoshopped Z4 but not the next Miata or MX-5, whichever you prefer.

  10. LOL @ Idiot Smirk (TM)! Not really too impressed with this.. I miss the over-round wheel arches and totally hate the Lexus SC-like rear end.

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