2012 Nissan Versa

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Well, this is really a case of “anything is an improvement”, compared to the current car.
But I’m not sure it is enough next to other new models like the new Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio etc…

These are pictures of the Chinese version, called the Sunny. But it is pretty much what we’ll see here next year as the new Versa sedan.

As usual, the hatchback version could look better.

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  1. Whoa! It look's like a Lexus ES shrunk into a subcompact package. I agree, it's an improvement over the current version, but it's just silly looking compared to the upcoming Korean cars and the Fiesta/Mazda2. Honestly, why does Nissan need the Versa and the March (and Juke). It seems like subcompact overkill. The March is the best looking small Nissan and that's really all Nissan needs (unless they ever decide to rebadge the Renault Clio and sell it a Nissan… that would be awesome).

  2. Owwwwww I didn't know the Lancer and the Lexus had a baby. Ohhhh its so cute is it a boy or a girl? And does this makes the IS the mother or the father? Why didn't anyone tell me about the car shower I would had brought a steering wheel warmer for the new baby. Remember to feed him plenty of healthy gasoline so him can be all big and strong just like his daddy.

  3. Nissan is prepared for $4 gas that American's owners have in store for them soon. They think they are free which is really kinda funny like the looks of most small cars.

  4. I actually like the design of the exterior of the current Versa hatchback over these, but the interior is much better in the new one. It is a really forgettable car to drive, hope that has been improved upon.

  5. Never heard of a Nissan March. *googling* Ahhhh – my eyes!

    But seriously, my mom has the current Versa. She bought it over the Yaris because of the ride position and visibility. The upright seats and tall greenhouse really do make a difference.

  6. The Sunny is NOT the Versa! ARGHHH!!!! This is twice now that you keep insisting this. The Nissan Tiida is the Versa, which is sold alongside the Sunny. The Sunny is Corolla sized sedan which Nissan no longer markets/sells in the USA.

  7. in our studio test centre, we had this, a civic, a lexus is, a mazda3 and a jetta. Everyone, well 87% ,picked this car as the most premium and likely to be an entry from a Luxury mark. Tests show, Nissan wins again!

  8. I must say, if you look check out the Nissan Versa drawing from http://www.nissannews.com, it does look quite similar…I mean almost to every detail. This Sunny might be the new Versa after all.

    In my opinion, it does look better than the current Versa and better proportioned. The Versa just needs to gain a lot of mpgs.

  9. Nissans are excellent cars. Next Versa sedan looks like a baby Lexus IS which isn't bad at all.
    Will be very successful in the U.S.–especially if gasoline prices rise.

  10. I don't think there should be notchback sedans smaller than C-segment (compact). They basically never look good (only ones I remember that did were the current Yaris and the last Tercel). Anything smaller should only be a hatch.

  11. Nissan Spyking is a joke.

    This is the same guy that "owns" 12 Sentras for a flower delivery business, or calls EVERY new Nissan "a beatufiul piece of kit".

    The current Versa is a joke, this upcoming Versa will be eclipsed by the upcoming Accent and Rio. Also, don't forget we are getting a brand new Mazda2 in 2013, not a refresh.

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