2012 VW Coupe?

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This is what VW was showing the press a few days ago.
Looking a lot like the new Jetta.
But the shorter wheelbase and apparent hatchback design make it quite different, and smaller looking. It almost looks like it is actually based on the Polo.

No idea what this is. If it will be marketed as a Jetta coupe, or something smaller and cheaper.
A hatchback and a glass roof would mean serious competition for the new Scion Tc.

No matter what, I think it looks really good.

You can see a lot more if you click on the title.

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  1. A thousand times better than the unfinished Scion TC. I must say though… why not bring over the Scirocco? I just spent some time in Amsterdam and saw it. Such a hot little car. This is a bit tame in comparison.

  2. Looks good. The front needs to be stretched out though. This would look super sexy with a roofline similar to the Mercedes CLS or Audi A8. Way better looking then the Scion, and probably way more expensive.

    There is something keeping Subaru and Mitsu from making 2-door versions of the Subaru and Lancer. It's the same reason that Ford and VW refuse to import the Fiesta 2-dr and Scirocco.

  3. It looks good now but in typical VW fashion they will probably make it look as boring as possible before it hits production.

  4. Roof line makes me think Focus Coupe. Too bad. The ORIGINAL concept looks better even w/o the dual exhaust.

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