2012 Audi A9?

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There a new rumor going around about a new Audi model. It would be even more expensive than the new A8, so of course, it would be an A9..

Maybe some “coupe” version. Like the A7 is seen as a 5 door coupe version of the next A6?

Why not. And who knows.

In any case, it would have to be over $100 000…

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  1. Apparently VW wants the Porsche Panamera PF to be used in a "large 4 door" Audi coupe (and a Bentley entry level model). SO I guess this will infact not be an A8 but Panamera thus actually the first RWD PF Audi, even though I'm sure it will have AWD labeled as Quattro….

  2. Who buys these things?

    In the NYC metro area I hardly ever see Audis. The occasional A4 or SUV (A7?), but only rarely. The A6 and A8, never.

    It's an interesting design exercise, but it seems kind of a waste of money to actually produce it.

  3. cant wait for the A1.5 and the A4.5 and the Q6 go audi ! fill them niches, theres 17 more to go ya know ! btw this looks hot and would love to watch them roll down the road while i drive my kia !

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