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The current A 6 is still a really nice looking car, but pretty invisible.
The new one will be a very nice looking car that will still be invisible.

The interior seems to be very similar to the A7. No surprises here. But the exterior doesn’t seem to have much of the striking presence of the hatchback.
At least it’ll be cheaper.

I think in this segment, it does look much better than the E class (but what doesn’t), but the new 5 series looks very nice in person.
We’ll see…..

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  1. OMG…Audi has to be very careful in the future. The new A6 looks very dull and fat, no characteristics an Audi is bought for, or am I wrong??

  2. Are we seeing another evolution of the Audi grille? Very nice looking car. Audi's for the most part are very subtle. The interior is great, I wish Audi would incorp the shifter from the A8 onto all theyre automatics. PS Vince the MB E class is one of the best looking cars on the market.

  3. I think it's just what it should be. Great proportions, subtle but brutal looking front, sublime interior. A perfect Audi…

    PS – Anyone who calls an Audi a glorified VW clearly doesn't know much about cars.

  4. "Anyone who calls an Audi a glorified VW clearly doesn't know much about cars."

    November 30, 2010 11:02 AM

    VW/Audi same company. Same looking car. More or less.

  5. Gorgeous. An eye candy, as always. I would love to get it, if it were not for it's dismal reliability record.

  6. Clearly this is clearly interesting – yet clearly the VW is clearly down market but clearly the same company.

  7. It is an upmarket vw. Bentley is the same. I used to work for bentley and once you take a part the dash etc you will know it. I like all vw companies but let's called it what it is. Hopefully they will fix they're electrical issues

  8. Look at that interior. THAT is why Audi is the best in the business.

    I disagree. The wood looks like meatloaf mystery meat. Like that cheap econo car a few weeks back that had everybody making fun of the cheezy fake wood. Not acceptable in ANY car; and certainly not in one over $30k.

    The A8 has one of the best interiors out there. But this is just funky disconnected crap. I'll gladly pay over $100k for a loaded A8; but this sucker is a ripoff at $30k–at least to my eye. (And people have paid money to buy my art work, so I think I have a pretty good eye).

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