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Honda is still calling it a “concept”.
But it is pretty much the production version of the concept they showed earlier this year at the New Dheli auto show.
The car will be competing with their super compacts like the Nissan March.
Since we are getting the small Nissan in the US soon, I just wonder if the brio will end up in the US as well…

This is the earlier prototype.
It has changed quite a bit for production….

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  1. Price it well below the mazda 2 and it will sell otherwise id just buy one of the mazdas and get more room, and lousy mileage lol .

  2. What a disgusting vehicle from such a great concept! Although even w/o the badges, you can tell it's part of the ugly Honda family. This would fight the Fit in the US unless there was a 2dr only version.

  3. It's the first time I've heard of this car… It's the typical Honda small car but a bit more futuristic due to the front lights I suppose… I dunno if this would sell in the States. It's a bit funky and odd looking. If pricing is low enough it would stand a chance.

  4. Why shouldn't the A-segment have a shot in the US? We've already got enough Smarts on the road. Something slightly bigger should have no problem at all.

    As we begin watching how the Fiat 500 and Nissan March do, the chance for this and the Ford Ka to work moves up drastically.

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