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It’s time for everyone to be my friend on Facebook.

And tell your friends to be my friend. So we can all talk about what we love the most : cars.
Who knows, we could even chat.

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  1. You live in Hollywood! Image is everything: you MUST be tall, dark and handsome just to survive. It's time for a new do and maybe a little plastic… otherwise you'll be judged based on your character and you do appear to be quite a character. LOL

  2. Will do! Your coverage of the auto industry is really good, especially your car reviews, and that you constantly break rumors faster then most auto websites.

    (little question though, is there a Vince Burlapp Team behind the scene **Staff** or is this a one-man show?)

    Either way, you are "in-the-know", and Keep up the good work!

  3. Finally, I have solved the mystery of the reflection in the rearview mirror at the top of this web page.

  4. I thought it's now MoonBeamfornia???

    Vince, good work here!

    Dude, Get to a dentist before we all mistake you for a Brit! And running a comb thru your hair might help with the ladies…..HeHe.

    What movie were you in dressed like that?

  5. well good for you. Who cares what you look here to read about cars..not judge whether or not you look like a moose with a bad fitting wig. Say hi to bullwinkle from me!

  6. You guys do all know that that is a joke pic and that the author's real name is not Vince Burlapp…right?


    Carry on.

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