Buick Lacrosse eAssist.

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I had heard about a mild hybrid version of the Lacrosse coming up a while ago.
Well, here it is.
it will be available in a few months as a 2012 model year.

It improves the gas mileage by about 25% compared to the base 2.4 Liter engine.
Which brings up the MPG numbers to 25/37.
Great for a car this size.

But the best part of it is that the eAssist technology will be standard on all 2.4 Liter models.
I was a bit disappointed by the 2.4 Liter in the Lacrosse when I drove it a few months ago.
But with a bit more power, and much better gas mileage, it now does make much more sense.
And the price is right if it’s standard.

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  1. Hi Vince,

    When you say standard on all 2.4 liter models – do you mean specific to Larcosse – or on other GM's (ie Equinox / etc).

  2. Just for the Lacrosse
    For 2012 the 2.4 Hybrid will be standard, with the V6 as an option.
    No "non-hybrid" 2.4 Liter.

    Wonder what they will do with the Regal.
    They should just push the sporty side of the Regal and make the 2.0 Liter Turbo standard.

  3. there's a rumer that the "mid-year arrival" all-new dry dual-clutch 6-speed transmission coupled to the 4-cylindar in the new Chrysler 200 will give the Chrysler similar MPG #s (to this Buick Hybrid) while still allowing the price to stay under $25k. The Buick may be way ahead of anything from Toyota or Ford; but I think that Chrysler will be giving even GM a run for their money. It's a great time to be a consumer!

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