Cadillac ULC Concept

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This is Cadillac’s idea of a small car.
Luxurious, like a Cadillac, yet small.

Nothing really new, BMW and Audi have been doing this for a while…

At this event, which took place at GM’s west coast design center in North Hollywood, most of the crowd was expecting a concept version of the upcoming smaller ATS sedan.
So this, purely concept. small hatchback was a bit of a disapintement.

But still, it was a treat to be invited in such “secret grounds”…

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  1. Bravo, well done Cadillac. How can you be disappointed? This looks totally cool! Cadillac concepts almost never disappoint me. And, I wouldn't be so sure that this won't result in a production car somewhere down the line, after all, Mercedes has the A-Class, BMW has the Mini, Audi has the A1…

  2. Ugly, yes. Silly, yes. A Cadillac dream Car – NO. The designers of this one either have no driving license or he or she never left office to drive in an urban area. Even if they would put all the fashionable electronic stuff in it it to help overcome the dseign shortcomings it still would be impractible. Why don´t they let designers work on something like that using taste, talent AND brain?
    Very very disappointing. Of course, the look of this thing is a matter of taste. Practicality and user friendliness not.

  3. Love it. The "lightning bolt" concerns me for visibility, though. Considering its Aveo origins, what would Cadillac price the ULC at?

  4. I, too would like to have seen some version of the ATS, but to dismiss the ULC as merely a 'concept' is probably not wise, as I firmly believe that we'll be seeing something very similar in Cadillac showrooms sooner rather than later… We'll See.

  5. the ULC is soooo much better than Lincoln's C-concept aka Abomination aka The Frog aka Lincoln's-Pacer…

    imho the ULC looks like a serious CAR
    Not a carTOON

    I bet a lot of critics will be surprised by the autoshow crowd (esp the younger ones) giving this Cadillac "runabout" a BIG Thumbs-Up

  6. That has got to be the hottest design for a smaller front end ive ever seen, i think once ya put the door lines on it and scrap the gulls, it may look plain for the sides, and the rear is if a VW Up had sex with a Renault Espace .

  7. Best looking car in this segment. In fact, the first ever car in this size category thats more than plain simple stupid.

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