Chang’an CX20

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I have never heard of them either.

One of many Chinese brands.

But this small SUV type wagon does look pretty decent.
Powered by a 1.3 Liter engine. So we are talking about a small car…

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  1. I totally DISAGREE that it "Looks pretty decent". It looks like a Kia Rondo, which is even more hideous to look at.

  2. Vince! How can you never have heard of Chang'an? I know the average Joe of course hasn't, but I thought you were more savvy about the Chinese car industry. Chang'an (or Chana) is one of the biggest, most important car companies in China. They have a quite decent-looking line-up, judging from their website and from pictures I've seen, and they own Landwind, which is one of the very few Chinese marques that have attempted so far to sell their products in Western Europe. I know this because I designed the bumper of the Euro version of a Landwind car! 🙂

  3. Maybe Vince haven't heard of them because apparently there is one chinese car brand per person in China. The sad part is that you mix them all and you don't even get a mitsubishi!

  4. Hasn't the automotive industry improved since the crappy economy cars from the 70s? This thing would suggest not.


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