Chevrolet Orlando clever dash

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Just thought this was actually pretty clever.
I have never seen it on any car. The whole radio opens up to reveal a pretty large hiding space.

Not what we’ll see it any time soon. The Orlando isn’t coming to the US any time soon.

Just hope GM could use this design in some of their US models as well…

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  1. that is a genius idea and should have been done long ago. So much empty dead space back there in cars. Now they need to incorporate some sort of lock too.

  2. GM always was a leader in innovative thinking. Remember the "dissappearing tailgate" on wagons in the '70's? Or the "removeable midgate" on Escalade pickups?

  3. I wouldn't touch a vehicle with such a contraption, especially made by/for GM. It WILL go WRONG> electrical issues will come.

  4. YOU SAID "I wouldn't touch a vehicle with such a contraption"

    I say "So how is that mechanical hand crank starter working out on your Model T? Pretty reliable in cold weather? Break your arm yet this year?"

    As any Toyota/Lexus owner knows; Even the cheapest cars have fancy electronics in the engine & brakes. If THEY aren't reliable, the simplicity of your am radio, heater, and rubber floor mats is totally irrelevent.

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