Landwind CV9 Euro NCAP Crash Test

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This small Chinese minivan gets only 2 stars.
A better score than what they used to get a couple of years ago.
But still. Much worse than the average car tested.

They have started selling the CV9 Minivan a few months ago in the Netherlands. Where it costs almost half the price of an Opel Zafira.

This is the same test, 5 years ago, with the Opel Zafira.
Quite a difference.
5 years ago!

An all new Zafira is due very soon.

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  1. I redesigned the front bumper of this car for the Euro market, but only so it would comply with homologation regulations regarding pedestrian protection, which the original chinese car (designed by an Italian studio, actually) did not. However, I had nothing to do with the design of the structure!

    Anyway, these cars are made to be dirt cheap, and only just sturdy enough to pass homologation tests, which are much less demanding than EuroNCAP tests. If you want quality and safety, well, it costs money. That's why a Zafira costs twice more. There are no miracles.

  2. The Chinese junk actually performed much better than I would have guessed. Usually they fold up like origami and you have to remove passengers in pieces. This structure held up pretty well, with only some minor collapsing of the safety structure.

  3. Very smart of Landwind to make extensive use of breakaway glass for their windows, designed to shatter in an accident and blow away, thus protecting the vehicle occupants.

  4. To 5:51…

    That's been the industry standard in developed countries for over forty years. If Landwind is just figuring this out now, that's disturbing.

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